Node4 achieves HSCN DPS accreditation
Posted by Tom Hassan on 08 January 2018 01:28 PM

Node4 achieves HSCN DPS accreditation

We have recently had some exciting news at Node4, we found out that after much hard work we’ve been awarded the Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) accreditation.

The accreditation means that Node4 is now one of only 16 companies able to officially bid for tenders through the RM3825 agreement. Put simply, this means we’re now approved to supply industry-leading connectivity solutions to the NHS and social care organisations.

In August 2017, we announced that we’d been awarded HCSN compliance. HCSN is a new data network providing a reliable, efficient and flexible way for health and social care organisations to access and exchange electronic information. It’s designed to transform patient care and services through greater connectivity, making data and information fully accessible to clinicians, health and care professionals and citizens.

This new accreditation is a vital next step on this journey and means that we can continue to grow our presence in the public sector by providing effective and flexible application of technology to enhance business performance across the industry; and help the NHS and other organisations alike with security infrastructure challenges.

Paula Johnston, Head of Public Sector Sales, Node4, comments “I’d like to thank the public-sector team for their hard work in helping secure this accreditation, which puts Node4 in a strong position to fulfil our ambitious growth plans for this sector.”

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