Node4 launches performance assured storage as a service solution
Posted by Tom Hassan on 31 October 2017 02:08 PM

Latest addition to storage portfolio caters for criticial workloads that demand performance-guaranteed, flexible, high-IOPS storage

Node4 has recently added a performance-assured storage tier to its storage portfolio. This new tier is aimed at enabling critical customer applications and workloads, and offers guaranteed performance in terms of latency and IOPS. As such, businesses can consider cloud-enabled storage for a wider range of business-critical applications.

As with Node4’s other storage solutions; our new PSTaaS offering is built on industry-leading NetApp technology, (specifically NetApp SolidFire All-Flash Arrays), which is integrated into Node4’s infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service (PaaS) products.

Node4’s PSTaaS can operate up to 100,000 IoP/s, and can be integrated flexibly and easily with other Node4 products, including NetApp Private Storage as a Service (NPSaaS). This allows customers to securely build hybrid solutions, whether applications are configured in Node4 Cloud, the public cloud, or another private cloud. This allows for unparalleled levels of data mobility, data sovereignty, and overall performance.

“Customers buy into Node4 because they appreciate our flexibility, our independence, and our ability to take problems and offer a complete, guaranteed solution,” comments Gregg Mearing, Head of Managed Services, Node4. “We’ve seen an upswing in demand for performance-guaranteed storage recently. Unlike just about anyone else in the market, Node4 can offer PSTaaS alongside a wholly-owned, performance-guaranteed end-to-end network, and alongside the ability to design, build, host and support services on its infrastructure. We remove the complexity of developing solutions and shoulder the responsibility of delivering required performance levels. That will come as welcome news to many IT professionals.”

As well as the standard benefits of flash storage under an OPEX payment model; Node4’s PSTaaS offers encryption-at-rest as standard, compression, de-duplication and thin provisioning, and QoS-assured performance with burst capability. Node4’s PSTaaS is also completely scalable, with performance assured whether you’re using a single server or a complete virtual data centre. Customers do not need purchase dedicated cloud resources to fix performance levels: just agree what performance levels are required.

Find out more information on our PSTaaS solution.

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Node4 significantly upgrades security portfolio
Posted by Tom Hassan on 23 October 2017 02:45 PM

New offering provides a complete view of all security layers, also includes new features such as AI and threat intelligence

Node4 is strengthening its security portfolio with a series of upgrades and new security services under the banner of SECaaS (Security as a Service). Node4 has taken a holistic view to prevent the kind of vulnerabilities experienced when integrating separate point solutions. The new service, which is fully-managed by Node4’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), incorporates a number of new elements, including AI and Threat Intelligence.

“Everyone talks about layered protection these days, and that’s hugely important,” commented Steve Nice, Chief Technologist, Node4. “However it also misses the point slightly. Businesses need the intelligence to put the various tools and services under a single layer of management, and to ‘cement’ these elements together in such a way that nothing can slip between the cracks. If components aren’t well-optimised, or you don’t have the visibility to identify and react to threats quickly; businesses risk leaving themselves vulnerable.”

“SMEs and the mid-market sector, particularly, need to ensure that they remain one step ahead. As threat vectors and the nature of security threats constantly evolve, security is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for many SMEs to meet. Node4 is offering to take that headache away, offering industry-leading holistic security that can be fully managed by us.”

Node4’s improved SECaaS offering includes:

  • Node4 Next Generation Firewall (N4NGFW) – a fully-managed high-specification firewall integrated with Unfied Threat Management (UTM), which is maintained, monitored and managed by the SOC team for enhanced protection
  • N4Cloud Security – an anti-virus, anti-malware solution with full threat management to protect Azure, AWS and N4Cloud environments from evolving security threats
  • N4Threat Detect (rebranded from N4Secure) – a proactive Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system to provide live threat control and risk management with options for AI and machine learning
  • Node4 Mobile Device Management (N4MDM) – a platform that enables customers to control and manage BYOD devices to access corporate networks with complete confidence
  • Node4 EndPoint Management System (N4EPMS) – a solution that provides centralised control over anti-virus, anti-malware, URL filtering, localised firewall policy control and data/device encryption for local/disparate endpoints such as laptops and desktop computers as well as Android and iOS devices
  • N4WAF – a Web Application Firewall service that provides all the defences required to protect commercial web services against unsafe HTTP traffic

Andrew Gilbert, CEO, Node4 commented: “Security is a key pillar for Node4. We’re focused on providing our prospects and customers with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to help them mitigate against the growing threat landscape. With the plethora of tasks facing the modern security professional, it is vital that they have systems in place that can identify and mitigate threats reliably and in a low-touch manner, freeing their resource for more important tasks. This is the thinking behind our new security portfolio.”

For further details on the various levels of protection and detection available, and exactly how the SECaaS service works, download our latest Security datasheet here.

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