Security across disparate technologies and cloud environments made simpler with dedicated managed service

Node4 announces an extension to its partnership with Trend Micro, a global leader in security solutions, that sees Node4’s dedicated managed Security as a Service (SECaaS) portfolio boosted with Trend Micro™ Deep Security™. The service enhancement of N4Cloud Security will enable organisations to manage different hybrid cloud services across disparate technologies by single-console management to improve efficiency and governance.

Typically, organisations deploy a variety of cloud services (such as N4Cloud, VMWare, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft® Azure) using a combination of both public and private hosting, which results in multiple disparate technologies to secure. By incorporating Trend Micro’s hybrid cloud protection alongside its own managed SECaaS Node4 is solving this problem and helping business without the resources to protect multiple cloud environments themselves to outsource the problem, and in doing so, achieve the ultimate defence against evolving threats.

“UK enterprises can now benefit from end-to-end security services which span across the Node4 proposition, from consultancy, hosting, to fully managed services and support. This means that organisations can stop new threats faster, and know data is protected in physical, virtualised and cloud environments. It also takes the pressure off resources with information held in impressive state-of-the-art data centre facilities that ensure even the most mission critical applications are hosted securely and fully protected. N4Cloud Security allows enterprises to consume security as a service no matter what stage an enterprise is in their IT transformation,” said James Munroe, Head of Channel Sales UK at Trend Micro.

“Many businesses don’t have the skill sets to manage the variety of technologies and cloud services they have, let alone the security requirements they require. Our managed services can take these strains away,” commented John Williams, Product Manager at Node4. “It was an obvious decision to partner with Trend Micro following the release of its new suite of security services for hybrid environments. Security is a key pillar for Node4 and this partnership allows us to further strengthen our portfolio for our customers and deliver the ultimate defence against today’s evolving cyberattacks while simultaneously freeing up resources.”

Trend Micro Deep Security provides server security for physical, virtual and cloud deployments to suit each environment, offering multiple layers of protection that safeguard data as it moves across the data centre, cloud or hybrid system. All these controls are executed from a single point of management and reporting, for ease of maintenance, which in turn optimises efficiency and governance, and ensures attacks are acted upon quickly.

Node4’s SECaaS is fully-managed by Node4’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), removes the complexities of planning, building, and managing infrastructures, and ensures security operations are monitored 24/7 by experts to keep businesses operating at peak performance; this links with Node4’s orchestrated N4Stack service which balances security with cloud optimisation.

N4Stack is a new business unit launched by Node4 to address the need for customers to assess the suitability of multiple Cloud platform and systems management options. Bringing together expertise across the business encompassing data management, DevOps and Cloud architecture, N4Stack is working with our customers to help define their Cloud strategy and subsequently migrate and manage their environments.

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Node4 significantly upgrades security portfolio
Posted by Tom Hassan on 23 October 2017 02:45 PM

New offering provides a complete view of all security layers, also includes new features such as AI and threat intelligence

Node4 is strengthening its security portfolio with a series of upgrades and new security services under the banner of SECaaS (Security as a Service). Node4 has taken a holistic view to prevent the kind of vulnerabilities experienced when integrating separate point solutions. The new service, which is fully-managed by Node4’s Security Operations Centre (SOC), incorporates a number of new elements, including AI and Threat Intelligence.

“Everyone talks about layered protection these days, and that’s hugely important,” commented Steve Nice, Chief Technologist, Node4. “However it also misses the point slightly. Businesses need the intelligence to put the various tools and services under a single layer of management, and to ‘cement’ these elements together in such a way that nothing can slip between the cracks. If components aren’t well-optimised, or you don’t have the visibility to identify and react to threats quickly; businesses risk leaving themselves vulnerable.”

“SMEs and the mid-market sector, particularly, need to ensure that they remain one step ahead. As threat vectors and the nature of security threats constantly evolve, security is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge for many SMEs to meet. Node4 is offering to take that headache away, offering industry-leading holistic security that can be fully managed by us.”

Node4’s improved SECaaS offering includes:

  • Node4 Next Generation Firewall (N4NGFW) – a fully-managed high-specification firewall integrated with Unfied Threat Management (UTM), which is maintained, monitored and managed by the SOC team for enhanced protection
  • N4Cloud Security – an anti-virus, anti-malware solution with full threat management to protect Azure, AWS and N4Cloud environments from evolving security threats
  • N4Threat Detect (rebranded from N4Secure) – a proactive Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) system to provide live threat control and risk management with options for AI and machine learning
  • Node4 Mobile Device Management (N4MDM) – a platform that enables customers to control and manage BYOD devices to access corporate networks with complete confidence
  • Node4 EndPoint Management System (N4EPMS) – a solution that provides centralised control over anti-virus, anti-malware, URL filtering, localised firewall policy control and data/device encryption for local/disparate endpoints such as laptops and desktop computers as well as Android and iOS devices
  • N4WAF – a Web Application Firewall service that provides all the defences required to protect commercial web services against unsafe HTTP traffic

Andrew Gilbert, CEO, Node4 commented: “Security is a key pillar for Node4. We’re focused on providing our prospects and customers with cutting-edge, state-of-the-art technology to help them mitigate against the growing threat landscape. With the plethora of tasks facing the modern security professional, it is vital that they have systems in place that can identify and mitigate threats reliably and in a low-touch manner, freeing their resource for more important tasks. This is the thinking behind our new security portfolio.”

For further details on the various levels of protection and detection available, and exactly how the SECaaS service works, download our latest Security datasheet here.

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Mid-market businesses continue to neglect cyber-security
Posted by Tom Hassan on 08 September 2017 03:17 PM

Despite the crippling impact of a cyber breach, the mid-market remains complacent

UK mid-market organisations are ill-equipped to mitigate today’s increasingly complex threat landscape, according research by Node4. The survey shows that 63 per cent of IT decision makers say that security is a top priority; but 25 per cent of mid-market companies don’t even have basic anti-virus protection and up to 67 per cent don’t have intrusion detection in place.

The consequences of inadequate threat management and lack of visibility into the network could have far reaching consequences; and as a crucial sector powering the UK economy, the mid-market should be innovating in security, not failing to implement even the most basic tools.

“Reports of high profile casualties are commonplace, but the threat landscape isn’t one that is only relevant for large enterprises; it’s a critical issue for every organisation. Today, every organisation must assume it is a target. Recent events have raised even more alarms. A cyber breach can cripple a big organisation, but mid-market ones should not remain complacent” Steve Nice, Security Technologist, Node4 said.

Similar researched conducted by Node4 last year revealed that 41% of IT decision makers didn’t know how many intrusions or security breaches their organisation had suffered in the last 12 months; and 46% were concerned about the lack of security for their IT infrastructures. According to the ‘Mid-Market IT priorities 2017’ report, only 54% have data-encryption capabilities and as few as 33% have intrusion detection software. It is clear that despite IT managers in mid-market companies listing the cyber-threat as a priority, firms are not taking action quickly enough.

“It is worrying that, despite IT managers in mid-market companies agreeing that security is a key priority, most firms are still failing to put the necessary measures in place. Many mid-market companies believe that they are not at risk because they aren’t big players. Cyber criminals know it, and are quick to exploit the fact that so many smaller organisations are complacent. The result is a big rise in the volume, complexity and intensity of attacks on mid-market businesses,” added Nice.

As IT architectures are becoming more heterogeneous, and threat vectors are increasing in number and complexity, guarding critical systems can pose an impractical resource commitment on behalf of mid-market organisations. For this reason, Node4 offers a managed security service, N4Secure, that combines the expertise of cybersecurity specialists with top-of-the-range monitoring systems to detect and fight unseen security breaches and mitigate incursions before they appear.

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Node4 Nottingham Office Launch

Node4 announces the opening ceremony of a new office and Security Operations Centre (SOC) in Nottingham. The new midlands base cements Node4’s three-year plan to substantially grow the business.

The Nottingham office enables Node4 to expand its geographic presence in the Midlands and tap into a dynamic city that offers a strong base of potential customers and employees. Node4’s Security Operations Centre and its dedicated team of security experts will also move to Nottingham, where it will provide 24/7 monitoring for the company’s Managed Security Service clients, as well as Node4’s own network infrastructure.

Andrew Gilbert, CEO at Node4 commented: “Our brand-new Nottingham office is indicative of our future growth plans and ongoing commitment to our existing customer-base. We have been working with customers from Nottingham for many years now, and as our business continues to grow, the necessity to ensure local support on the ground has increased. Nottingham-based businesses will benefit from localised customer support and technical expertise across the region, allowing us to serve existing customers in the best possible way as well as attract new ones.”


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IT budget outlook is bright, with 77% of mid-market companies saying IT budgets will rise in 2017

Mid-market companies are bucking the UK trend, with 77% expecting a rise in 2017 IT budgets, according to a new report published today by Cloud and Data Centre and Communications specialist, Node4. ‘Mid-market IT priorities 2017’ reveals 35% of IT decision makers in the mid-market expect budget rises of 5-10%, while a further 22% anticipate a hike of over 10%, against a backdrop of shrinking IT budgets in the UK as a whole.

The research examines the attitudes of 200 IT decision makers at mid-market companies with a turnover of £15- £800m. It found that business growth, security and reducing operational costs are the top three IT priorities for the UK’s mid-market sector in 2017. It also revealed that hosted and cloud-based services will take a significant share of mid-market IT budgets in 2017, with Infrastructure as a Service (20%) and Managed Security as a Service (16%) being the top two cloud spending priorities for the year, followed by Managed Services (12%) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (11%).

However, confidence in the mid-market’s general financial outlook is not quite so strong, as just 18% of mid-sized businesses claimed to be optimistic about their organisation’s fortunes in 2017. Almost a third (31%) emphasised the difficulties presented by a looming Brexit and an overwhelming 81% agree that weathering Brexit is a high or medium priority this year.

The mid-market sector believes the government, the financial sector and IT partners should be doing more to support this increasingly crucial sector of the UK economy, with the report revealing that 36% believe their needs are overlooked by government policy makers; 34% struggle to attract investment and a quarter feel their needs are overlooked by IT providers.

Paul Bryce, Business Development Director, Node4, comments: “Mid-tier companies are the engine of the UK’s economy, so it is promising to see investment taking place in the IT infrastructure that will help to fuel further growth. It is no surprise that mid-market companies are embracing the cloud, which affords a huge opportunity to drive efficiency, agility, scalability, and to empower workforces.

“Despite the current challenging business climate, the mid-market is the fastest growing sector in the UK economy, and policy-makers, investors and IT vendors alike should focus on enabling this growth. Fast-growing companies need to work with an IT partner that can help their infrastructure scale to embrace new staff, locations, and acquisitions. Node4 has helped many companies cope with such growth and we will continue to focus on the fast-growing mid-market in 2017.”

The new report by Node4 entitled ‘Mid-market IT priorities in 2017: How mid-market companies are investing in IT to drive growth in a challenging business climate’ can be downloaded here.

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Node4 Has Earned The Prestigious Cyber Essentials Certification.
Posted by Billy Law-Bregan on 06 July 2016 02:46 PM

Node4’s brand new industry report ‘IT Security: The Evolving Threat Landscape’ has been launched.

Get insight into the attitudes and precautions adopted by UK IT Decision Makers regarding their systems and infrastructure, absolutely free, along with information on common security practices and recommendations. Click HERE:

We are pleased to announce that Node4 has been awarded with the Cyber Essentials certification. Cyber Essentials is a cyber security standard, which certifies that an organisation has measures in place to mitigate the risk from common Internet based threats.

In 2012, HM Government launched the 10 Step to Cyber Security guide to raise awareness and put cyber security on top of the agenda for all organisations. Feedback received from experts was that security controls were still not being implemented effectively. The Government then reacted and created a new certification as none of the existing standards for cyber security met the requirements. The main aim is to reduce the basic cyber risks and to make the UK a safer place to operate online.

From 1st of October 2014 all suppliers bidding for government contracts where sensitive information is involved, must hold this certification.

The scheme focuses on Internet-originated attacks against an organisation’s IT system. It provides a clear statement of the basic controls all organisations should implement to mitigate the risk, within the context of the Government’s 10 Steps to Cyber Security. There are five essential mitigation strategies:

  • Boundary Firewalls and Internet Gateways
  • Secure Configuration
  • Access Control
  • Malware Protection
  • Patch Management

Organisations that achieve this certification prove that they take cyber security seriously and assure clients and third parties that have basic protection in place from the most prevalent forms of threats coming from the Internet.

See our certification here.

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