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Knowledgebase : General Support
Error 1500 "Another Installation is in Progress you must complete the installation before continuing this one" when trying to do an install from MSI 1. Launch the Windows Start menu. 2. In the search box type services.msc and click OK. 3.In the Services...
Error code 0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR means that the PC is not able to find an Active Directory Domain Controller to authenticate against, so you need to tell the PC where to it can find the DNS server. If you; 1) Open Network and Sharing Center form C...
Windows 2008 R2 Server - "The User Profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded." 1. From another server on the network, browse to C:Users on the problem server 2. Right click on the "DEFAULT" user folder > click "PROPERTIES" 2. C...
Download the guide below to and follow the instructions to add a POP, IMAP, or Office 365 account to Outlook using custom settings
Download the guide below and follow the instructions to add a printer in Windows 7.1
Download the guide below and follow the instructions to add a printer in Windows 8
Download the guide below and follow the instructions to add Additional Mailboxes in Outlook 2010
HOW TO ADD EMAIL ADDRESSES TO "BLOCKED SENDERS LIST" FROM GMAIL ADMINISTRATIVE ACCOUNT Login to Google Click "Admin" Click "Apps" Click "Google Apps" Click "Gmail" Click "Advanced Settings" On the "General Settings" tab scroll down to the "Spam" section...
HOW TO DO A BT SPEEDTEST Please do the following: Access the ADSL modem / routers set-up or configuration page containing the ISP login details and replace your current login with: speedtest@speedtest_domain And leave the password field blank (BT ...
HOW TO FIND A COMPUTER'S MAC ADDRESS Overview: Follow these instructions if you need to find your computer's Media Access Control address (MAC address), the unique identifier of a network adapter. The MAC address is a 6-digit hexadecimal number, which ...
How To Forward Email As Attachment In Outlook 2010 & 2013
Download the guide below and follow the instructions to grant delegate access to your email in Outlook 2010
HOW TO OPEN A SHARED EXCHANGE CALENDAR When another Microsoft Outlook user grants you permission to his or her calendar, you can open it in Outlook. If you do not have permission, a permission request e-mail message is sent to the other person. NOTE A...
BASIC BROADBAND CHECKS To avoid unnecessary charges from BT we ask that you perform basic checks on your equipment before logging a fault. Please complete the following checks on your equipment to eliminate your equipment being at fault. Once these ...
Download the guide below and follow the instructions to setup Email on an Android Phone or Tablet
After you install update rollup 1,2 or 3, 5 on an Exchange 2010 Client Access Server you often get a blank OWA page when browsing to the OWA page. To fix this issue you must start updatecas.ps1 in the Exchange Management Shell. You can find the script i...
On a Domain Controller, run command prompt as an administrator and run the command; dsquery user "OU=[target OU or domain for all OUs],DC=[your domain],DC=[your domain extension]" -limit 2000 [If your OU has more than 100 users the "limit" flag is uses ...