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How to extend an LVM
Posted by Mark Hill on 05 July 2016 09:58 AM

How to re-size an LVM:

First you will need to edit your partition size in order to do this please follow the below steps:

Turn off the virtual machine
Extend the required volume
Download and boot the VM to system rescue CD (www.system-rescue-cd.org)
Select option 1
Type startx to load the graphical interface
When the gui loads select gparted on the tool bar (3rd option from the left)
This will then load Gparted which will allow you to re-size the partition
Right click on the volume you wish to re-size and select the re-size option
You can then click and drag out how much of the free space you would like to allocate to your patition
When you are happy press the green tick to confirm the change and it will complete the extention

You can now re-boot and log into your original OS via SSH

Now we need to re-size the Logical Volume:

Enter "pvs" this will now show you the physical volumes available and which one's have free space
Enter "lvdisplay" from this you will need to note down the LV name
Enter "vgdisplay" this will show you the volume group name (VG_example) and the amount of free space (for example Free PE / Size   4607 / 18.00Gb) you will need to note these down also
Run the following command lvextend -l +4607 /dev/vg_example/LogVol01 in this example you will need to add your own free size, VG and LV names

Once you have completed this you will need to extend the file system:

Enter resize2fs /dev/vg_example/LogVol01 in this instance you will again need to change the VG and LV for your own values.

If you now do a df -h you should see the space is now free on your root partition.

Further information on this process can be found on the below link:


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