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NetApp OnCommand System Manager & Java 8: Error 500 (Connection Refused)
Posted by Matthew Geck on 11 October 2017 05:51 PM

When upgrading Java to version 8 or higher, you may find that NetApp OnCommand System Manager client fails to authenticate against any controllers and throws an "Error 500 (Connection Refused)" error.


To resolve this, you'll need to take the following steps:

N.B. all commands shown below are to be used whilst connected to the controller(s) via SSH.


1) Update your NetApp OnCommand System Manager client to the latest release client available from NetApp (http://support.netapp.com).


2) Enable TLS on all controllers you plan to manage via OCSM using one of the methods below.

7-Mode: options tls.enable on

CDOT: system services web modify –tlsv1-enabled true


3) Regenerate the SSL certificate on each controller, setting the key length to 2048. This is required as Java 8 will not communicate with any device/site covered by an SSL with a key length of less than 1024-bits.

7-Mode: secureadmin setup ssl (when running through this wizard the default values are shown in square brackets.)

CDOT: security certificate create -vserver <vserver> -common-name <clustername.domain> -size 2048 -country US -state California -locality San Jose -organization NetApp -unit Storage -email-addr support@netapp.com -expire-days 3650 -hash-function SHA256


Once complete, you should find that you can manage the controller via OnCommand System Manager without encountering any further errors.




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