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Latest Updates
September 6, 2017 8:53AM BST
Scheduled - On 14th September 2017 @19:00 Node4 Engineers will be carrying out work to upgrade the firmware on one of the core upstream switches in the cloud platform at Northampton

We expect failover to be around 1-3 minutes or less while we re-route traffic around the core switch, you may experience slight degradation across MPLS and Internet transit paths while traffic is re-routed.

We therefore deem this window AT RISK until 14th September 2017 @ 23:30.

September 14, 2017 6:58PM BST
Active - Node4 Engineers are about to start this work


September 14, 2017 8:35PM BST
Active - 20:15: Engineers are doing final checks before upgrade is to commence, we will post an update once the upgrade begins


September 14, 2017 9:48PM BST
Completed - 21:47 - Engineers have completed final pre-checks and unfortunately we are going to have to postpone this upgrade, we will look to reschedule as soon as possible

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Mid-market businesses continue to neglect cyber-security
Posted by Tom Hassan on 08 September 2017 03:17 PM

Despite the crippling impact of a cyber breach, the mid-market remains complacent

UK mid-market organisations are ill-equipped to mitigate today’s increasingly complex threat landscape, according research by Node4. The survey shows that 63 per cent of IT decision makers say that security is a top priority; but 25 per cent of mid-market companies don’t even have basic anti-virus protection and up to 67 per cent don’t have intrusion detection in place.

The consequences of inadequate threat management and lack of visibility into the network could have far reaching consequences; and as a crucial sector powering the UK economy, the mid-market should be innovating in security, not failing to implement even the most basic tools.

“Reports of high profile casualties are commonplace, but the threat landscape isn’t one that is only relevant for large enterprises; it’s a critical issue for every organisation. Today, every organisation must assume it is a target. Recent events have raised even more alarms. A cyber breach can cripple a big organisation, but mid-market ones should not remain complacent” Steve Nice, Security Technologist, Node4 said.

Similar researched conducted by Node4 last year revealed that 41% of IT decision makers didn’t know how many intrusions or security breaches their organisation had suffered in the last 12 months; and 46% were concerned about the lack of security for their IT infrastructures. According to the ‘Mid-Market IT priorities 2017’ report, only 54% have data-encryption capabilities and as few as 33% have intrusion detection software. It is clear that despite IT managers in mid-market companies listing the cyber-threat as a priority, firms are not taking action quickly enough.

“It is worrying that, despite IT managers in mid-market companies agreeing that security is a key priority, most firms are still failing to put the necessary measures in place. Many mid-market companies believe that they are not at risk because they aren’t big players. Cyber criminals know it, and are quick to exploit the fact that so many smaller organisations are complacent. The result is a big rise in the volume, complexity and intensity of attacks on mid-market businesses,” added Nice.

As IT architectures are becoming more heterogeneous, and threat vectors are increasing in number and complexity, guarding critical systems can pose an impractical resource commitment on behalf of mid-market organisations. For this reason, Node4 offers a managed security service, N4Secure, that combines the expertise of cybersecurity specialists with top-of-the-range monitoring systems to detect and fight unseen security breaches and mitigate incursions before they appear.

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Node4 appoints Leon Keller as Director of M&A
Posted by Tom Hassan on 08 September 2017 03:16 PM

Node4 has recently appointed Leon Keller as Director of Mergers and Acquisition (M&A)

Leon Keller’s new appointment will help the company fulfil its ambitious growth and acquisition plans over the next three years, which includes £40 million of committed follow-up funds from Bowmark Capital. Mr. Keller joins the team to help shape an M&A strategy that utilises this investment to continue to add value to Node4’s customers.

Mr Keller brings over 12 years of M&A expertise and an impressive track record with Node4. He has been working with Andy Gilbert, CEO of Node4, for over seven years. He was previously an external consultant advising the company on its recent acquisitions and deals, including database management services firm Onomi in May, the orginal MBO backed by LDC, and the secondary MBO of Node4 backed by Bowmark Capital in October.

Andy Gilbert, CEO, Node4, comments: “Leon joins the Node4 team at a critical time, and I am happy to formally welcome him to the Node4 family. I’ve known Leon for a long time, and he has always provided valuable consultancy and support around our acquisition deals. He understands Node4 and what truly matters to us, and ensures this is reflected in every deal we sign. I can’t think of a better M&A Director to help us fulfil our acquisition strategy and ambitious growth plans.”

Mr Keller has more than 15 years of financial and strategic advisory experience to SMEs, private equity backed companies, and larger corporates as part of PwC, where he was Corporate Finance Director. Prior to joining Node4 Mr. Keller was Managing Director at Ormerod Rutter Corporate Finance.

Mr Keller said: “Having built an excellent relationship with Andy and his team over many years and admired Node4’s transformation into a market leading UK Managed Services player; I am delighted to finally be joining the Node4 family at this exciting time. I look forward to supporting the team in achieving their ambitious growth plans for the business through finding complimentary acquisitions that extend both our technical and geographic reach; and equally importantly fit with our people and customer centric culture.”

Leon Keller’s appointment follows a period of sustained success and growth for Node4. Over the last three years Node4 has tripled its staff, grown its customer base to over 1000, and expanded its geographical presence and cloud services portfolio.

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August 25, 2017 2:29PM BST
Scheduled -

On Thursday 7th engineers will be on site at our Telehouse North POP upgrading access switching infrastructure. This work is part of our continuous improvement program to upgrade legacy infrastructure, increase local access capacity and improve resilience at the POP.

During this service affecting maintenance window engineers we will be replacing two MPLS access switches.


At Risk – Thursday 7th September 23:00 – Friday 8th September 04:00 BST

Between 22:00 and 22:59 engineers will prepare for the scheduled work.

Thursday 7th September 23:00 - Friday 8th September 04:00 BST

Engineers will commence service affecting works. During this time customers with services on the access switches will lose service. It is estimated that customers services will impacted for up to an hour, however services will be at risk for the full maintenance window.

Customers affected directly by this maintenance will be emailed via the ticket system.

Support & Feedback

Our network operations engineers will closely monitor the work and will do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to you. If you have any problems with your connection after this time, or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance at any point, please call Technical Support at 0845 123 2229 or visit node4.co.uk/support.

While it is important for Node4 to perform maintenance such as this to ensure the quality of our network, we do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to our customers. We appreciate your patience and welcome any feedback.

Node4 Technical Support

September 7, 2017 11:20PM BST
Active - Planned maintenance will commence shortly as scheduled. Further updates to follow.

September 8, 2017 1:39AM BST
Active - All work has been completed. We are in the process of performing post change checks.

September 8, 2017 2:27AM BST
Completed - All post checks have been completed. This maintenance window is now closed.

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N4 Protect VPN Connectivity
Posted by on 07 September 2017 11:07 AM
September 7, 2017 11:00AM BST
Investigating - We are currently investigating an issue with VPN connectivity to the N4Protect platform.

September 7, 2017 11:07AM BST
Investigating - VPN connectivity is being restored but we are still seeing issues with some tunnels

September 7, 2017 11:35AM BST
Investigating - We are rebooting the firewalls one at a time, this will cause a brief disruption to traffic as the devices failover

September 7, 2017 11:54AM BST
Monitoring - The issue has been identified and services are restoring to normal, we will continue to monitor for further issues

September 7, 2017 11:06PM BST
Resolved - Resolved

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